ISG Inform™

Jumpstart your digital journey. Fuel your IT performance.

"Am I spending the right amount and how do I compare?"

"Can I articulate the value IT brings to the business?"

ISG Inform™ is cloud-based software that provides real-time global IT data, insights and modeling to help you compare, optimize and transform your IT organization. Gain access to benchmarking data to instantly assess how you compare to your industry peers for IT spend, productivity and quality.

Close the IT performance gap between your organization and your peers.

Get the information you need to make fact-based investment decisions to drive your digital transformation. Generate cross-market comparisons to analyze, benchmark and evaluate IT spend quickly and efficiently.

Leverage the world’s largest repository of validated IT data.

Generate reports that are easily exportable for sharing with colleagues.

Validate your spend and identify areas for improvement.

Role-based Spend Intelligence

Justify spend and the value IT brings to the business.

Get the results you need, when you need them.

Access to experienced consultants to further interpret your results.

CFO/IT Finance

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Uncover key areas to drive savings and reduce IT spend.

Compare regions, business units and prior years.

Plan for the future by understanding today’s spend relative to your peers.


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Pinpoint areas to optimize spend efficiency.

Drive productivity gains by IT service area.

Drive industry standard SLAs.


As a thought leader in your organization, you make strategic decisions that have long term effects and drive shareholder value. Decisions today must be defensible tomorrow, and you’re constantly being asked to do more for less. Let ISG Inform™ help you on your digital journey.

CFO/IT Finance

You’re the key to keeping costs in-line by validating spend. The need for accurate, validated data is critical and there is no time for lengthy benchmark engagements or ad-hoc analysis. ISG Inform™ can help you bridge the gap between making uniformed decisions and maximizing IT budgets.


You get endless questions about costs and you are in constant reactionary mode. The business doesn’t understand that IT services are not free. Stay ahead of the game and let ISG Inform™ help you justify IT spend, productivity and service levels with real-time comparisons to your peers.